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Why Color?

Apart from being a fun, relaxing activity, coloring also has a number of significant health benefits, especially concerning mental health. As we have already mentioned, coloring can decrease the levels of stress and anxiety you are experiencing due to its ability to calm the amygdala, or what is commonly known as the “fear center” of our brain.

Coloring may also help you get better sleep, as it is a stress-free activity that doesn't involve any electronic light. Since exposure to the light of our screens before bedtime can really disturb our melatonin (the sleep hormone), coloring is a great alternative to wind down with a pleasurable activity. 

Another benefit of coloring is the fact that it can significantly improve your focus by opening up your frontal lobe – the part of your brain responsible of solving problems and organization. Basically, it trains your focus by stimulating it in a non-stressful way.

If you're not yet convinced of the benefits coloring can provide, give it a try by downloading one of the free extreme color by numbers, abstract coloring pages, or large print coloring pages as a PDF for free! And if you've already colored all our free pages, we have more resources for you in the Coloring Books section of our website. There you will discover coloring books for both adults and children, featuring mandalas, flowers, landscapes, happy animals, and even a special, super-fun book with curse word quotes on a mandala background. Moreover, you can learn coloring techniques and surprising linkages between coloring and stress relief by reading our blog. 

You don't need to be an artist to color! Just get some pencils or paints, download one of our coloring pages, print it on your favorite surface, and get going!

Amazing Free Coloring Pages with InnerAct Studio

Welcome to InnerAct Studio – the best place to find free coloring pages and stimulate your creativity! Coloring will help you connect to the present moment, practice mindfulness, reduce anxiety and spend quality time with yourself, or the people you love! Whether you're looking to download abstract coloring pages, large coloring pages, or free printables to color by number, we've got you covered! Our selection will help you relax, de-stress, and spark your imagination. 

Free Color by Number Printables

Do you enjoy both the fun of coloring and the delight of solving a puzzle? The extreme color by number free printables we offer perfectly combine the two. The color by number PDF collection includes complex images like the pretty tulips, as well as simpler ones like the landscape and free coloring pages featuring a lovely bear for kids age three and above. If you love to color, but don't really know how to create eye-catching color combinations, matching contrasts, and the secrets of giving your artwork the effects of light, shadow, and volume, the color key included in the free color by number printables will definitely help you out. The color by number pages look their best when filled with colored pencils or paints, so make sure you have your favorite pack of blendable media ready for use. Not only are these extreme color by number printables free to download, but they are also printable on any support you prefer such as paper, cardboard, canvas, etc. Moreover, there is no sign-up needed!

Abstract Coloring Pages Ready to Download for Free

Abstract coloring is a great choice for those of you who love to experiment and challenge your creativity with different arrangements of colors. When you don't have figurative images such as a landscape, or a bouquet of flowers to give you hints about what colors to use, you have full freedom to explore the effects of different combinations. Download these free abstract coloring pages and you'll have the chance to create original patterns that will make you proud. Whether you prefer to keep the final result to yourself, or display it as a cool piece of wall art, remember that you are in full control of the outcome. Maybe you want to use a warm set of colors and add it to your living room's decor, or maybe you prefer working with colder tones and hang it in your office. Of course, maybe you want to combine all the colors of the rainbow.

Coloring abstract designs is a two in one experience as they will help you deeply relax as well as train you're imagination. So if you're looking for a lively way of winding down at the end of the day, give them a try! The free, abstract coloring pages can be downloaded with a single click and no sign up is required. 

Free Large Print Coloring for Zero Stress

Another category of free coloring pages we have to offer here at InnerAct Studio consists of the large print coloring pages. These large printables are an amazing match for busy adults or seniors in love with coloring. They feature broad, visible shapes and require a minimal amount of effort. Whether you're having a hard time properly filling in those tiny elements present in all the regular coloring pages, or you've had enough of not being able to stay inside the lines when it comes to annoying minuscule shapes, go ahead and download these free large print coloring pages for a stress-free coloring experience.

These large print coloring pages are also great if you want to use paints, especially if you are just starting out with painting. Since the shapes are broader, it will be easier for you to learn how to handle the paintbrushes. Painting the large coloring pages will give you more freedom to blend the colors since you have more space. 

One of our designs features captivating large mandala patterns that will help you relax to the fullest. Unlike the normal mandalas you come across, large print mandalas are better suited for people with visual difficulties. Mandala coloring pages are also great for people who want to wind down at the end of a difficult day with an easy coloring page that will not give them any headaches.